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Medical Case Management System

The web app that revolutionizes the healthcare industry

Making Medical Case Management Efficient. Convenient. Organized.

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The Medical Case Management Challenge 

Managing cases and all the confidential information around patient files can be a daunting task. Not only for hospitals that handle thousands of cases at a time but also for private practitioners that need to keep all of the patient information, billing, and administrative records in one place.

The Vision Behind the App

A Solutions Company envisioned this patient case management software as something that would improve the patient experience by optimizing the coordination of care across hospitals, practices, or ancillary clinics.

This particular patient case management software was intended to centralize aspects of patient care such as scheduling, charting, treatment planning, and medical billing to accurately determine the health status of a patient. Once the company’s vision was clear, they reached out to Scopic to begin healthcare software development.

Medical-Case-Management-System vision

The Scopic Solution

The Medical Case Management application is a system built by Scopic designed to facilitate mobile health providers in managing their business online. The application allows appointment scheduling functionality with the intelligent assignment of technicians, tracking of the treatments that are being carried out along with the invoicing and statements functionality.

The medical app for doctors allows different access levels for the different roles involved in the business, as well as third party users. It also allows the business managers and administrators to view reports and overviews at a glance.

Medical-Case-Management-System solution

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