Custom Mobile Device Cases That Combine Elegance and Durability  

Mobile Outfitters Ensures Your Devices Get the Best Protection  

The Challenge 

When it comes to scratch and impact protection, there are tons of options to choose from on the market. But only a few mobile accessory providers actually offer a fusion of high-quality materials, lifetime replacements, professional installation, and personalized service. Here’s where Mobile Outfitters makes a difference.  

The Vision

Mobile Outfitters creates high-quality mobile accessories installed by professionals in one of their 800+ locations worldwide. Additionally, every bumper, cover, and screen protector is backed by Lifetime Replacements. To improve their website look, feel, and performance, Mobile Outfitters turned to Scopic.   

The Scopic Solution

To continue spreading the word about their passion for technology and the services they offer, Mobile Outfitters reached out to our developers to improve multiple functionalities on the website. Scopic worked on various features and is also doing maintenance and upgrade work.  

The website style is aligned with Mobile Outfitters’ mission, vision, and values. It includes product pages, information about the team behind the company, an FAQ section, a contact page, a ‘become a partner’ form, case studies, a training overview, and more!  

Skills Involved:

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