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MRI and CT Simulators

The perfect MRI and CT simulation

MRI and CT Simulator main

The Challenge

MRI and CT scan machines are expensive and powerful. All individuals who are studying to become MRI and CT technicians or nurses must be trained thoroughly before conducting any scans on real patients. This training is quite costly and MRI and CT scans are in high-demand at most health care facilities. As a result, trainee healthcare practitioners do not always have consistent access to the machinery when undergoing vital preparatory training.

The Vision

With this in mind, the client wanted to build a customized application that would simulate the functionalities of a real MRI and CT scan machine. They believed that by creating a realistic approximation of an MRI and CT scanner, they would be able to effectively train medical practitioners without the need to use the real machine. Seeking to bring their vision into the reality, the team started looking for custom healthcare software development services providers.

The Scopic Solution

Our talented developers listened to the clients’ unique ideas and went on to create this demo version of an MRI and CT scanner from the ground up. The product we built allowed for the acclimation and training of participants in a controlled environment, thus increasing the safety and accessibility of MRI and CT training programs.

The authenticity of the MRI and CT Simulator allows users to gradually become accustomed to the scanning procedure. The UI is also interactive and simulative, making participants feel like they are using the real thing.

Skills Involved:

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