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The Farm Challenge Summarized

The process of buying and selling cattle demands careful management skills and analytical thinking from all those involved. When assessors analyze the data, they need to work out which percentage of cattle has an acceptable score as well as the details of the scores given to each animal in the sample. Notably, this is a time-consuming process. With a wealth of data available in the cattle management sector, it can be hard to know what exactly to focus on and the best way to record or calculate the information.

And although it is time-consuming, without completing these kinds of reports, it is impossible to accurately compare the herd’s results against others in the market without this process.

The Vision Behind the App

The intention was to have a place where assessors and vendors could easily manage cattle assessment data and thus provide more selling or purchasing opportunities. The idea was to create an app that could help participants identify opportunities to save money while expanding the size of their herds while grasping new market opportunities. So, On Farm reached out to Scopic to collaborate on building a platform in the hopes to drive measurable results and make the market more accessible.

The Scopic Solution

Scopic built the entire portal from scratch. The web application includes a number of useful features that allow cattle assessors to easily manage cattle assessment data for their clients. Our UI and UX experts made sure the data stored in the application was presented in an easy-to-read format. The platform also displays the data in an external selling platform to potential buyers of beef cattle on a per-lot basis.

From design to functionality, this web portal took inspiration from the Cattle Assessment Manual to ensure all features would be fully optimized and useful to cattle assessors. 

Skills Involved:

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