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Radiology Solutions Landing Page

Capturing the Attention of Radiologists Around the World

Diagnose and treat diseases efficiently with custom medical imaging solutions.

The Radiologist’s Challenge

Healthcare professionals, radiologists and radiology software companies are always on the lookout for ways to improve their own and their clients’ workflow efficiency, productivity and patient care. They often encounter challenges in the following areas:

  • Transferring files securely between customers and systems.
  • Finding a way to integrate systems with hospital information systems.
  • Creating solutions that are HIPAA compliant.
  • Finding a more efficient way to generate patient reports.

The Marketer’s Vision

At Scopic we have ample experience helping our clients in the medical industry to develop Radiology software and DICOM/PACS technology. To showcase the value that we can provide other healthcare professionals who are searching for medical imaging solutions, the Scopic marketing department decided to create an eye-catching and informative landing page that would efficiently promote our software services.

The Scopic Solution

The Medical Imaging Solutions landing page was created through Instapage as a way to efficiently promote radiology software development. By blending together our marketing expertise with copywriting techniques and SEO best practices, the Scopic team was able to create an appealing and well-ranked landing page where prospects can browse through relevant information.

The messaging includes several enticing call to action buttons that encourage visitors to read-on and find out more about how and why they should partner with Scopic to create custom radiology software. The page showcases the applicability of medical imaging solutions, our company’s experience in the field, as well as an array of previous radiology-related projects that we have developed.

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