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Recruiting Review System

A tool that helps expedite HR processes

Compile. Optimize. Organize.

The HR Application Challenge Summarized

Though critical to successful human resource management, collecting feedback on employees for regular performance reviews can be tedious and time-consuming. For this reason, there is a great demand for optimizing numerous processes in HR management.

The Vision Behind the App

This small business productivity app was developed by Scopic to help improve the recruiting and selection processes. The app was modeled in the framework and uses MSSQL, Jquery, HTML, and C3.js. The app communicates with a third-party recruiting application and uses Sendgrid as a necessary integrated email sending system. Scopic web developers made sure the emails were automatically sent to the interviewees after the technical interview phases are concluded. In order to save recruiters’ time, Scopic developed a feature that processes, organizes, and presents the gathered data in dynamic dashboards that are accessible with a single click.

The Scopic Solution

In order to save recruiters their much needed time, we developed a feature that processes, organizes and presents the gathered data in dynamic dashboards that are manipulated on a single click. Based on the feedback gathered through the application, the interviewers are so far ranking this handy app very highly.

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