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Scorm App Conversion

An app that converts the SCORM App from Flash AS2 to HTML5

Convert. Merge. Save.

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The Conversion Application Challenge

SCORM allows for publishing of two different output types: Flash and HTML. The challenge with Flash is that, although widely used, it is not supported on certain devices, while HTML is more versatile.

The Vision Behind the App

The company behind the app envisioned a tool that allowed users to seamlessly convert the existing SCORM App from Flash AS2 to HTML5.

ScormAppConversion vision

The Scopic Solution

SCORM App Conversion is an example of a web application tool that is used for quick conversions. It has several features, including multiple-choice questions, displaying image thumbnail for each question, displaying the main video loaded from different sources (local, YouTube, and Vimeo), and registering and logging trainee’s performance to SCORM server. The app also allows for printing of test results, sending the results by email, and can be run both online and offline.

ScormAppConversion solution

Skills Involved:

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