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The Traditional Signage Challenge 

There are certain aspects that make it challenging for businesses to still opt for traditional signage in our increasingly digital world:

  • Permanency — When a franchise owner chooses to go for a printed sign, in most cases it cannot be changed quickly.
  • Costly in the Long Run — Making signages may initially be cheap, but it then generates costs in the long run as it limits the flexibility of ads.
  • Impressiveness— Traditional signs are less likely to catch the customers’ eyes in comparison to the flashy digital options.

The Vision Behind the App

The company’s vision consisted of helping companies promote their desired content more efficiently. They believed this could be possible through offering cost-effective digital solutions in the modern franchise environment. The company aimed at achieving:

  • Inexpensive content flexibility
  • Increasing companies’ marketing efforts
  • Leveraging videos

After getting familiar with Scopic’s experience on platform development, they entrusted us to develop the right tool that would increase business convenience.


The Scopic Solution

Scopic developed Digital Signage SaaS, an all-in-one content management software tool.
Scopic’s team created the app from scratch using Laravel, NW.js, FEMpeg, and MySQL database. Throughout the discovery process, we helped in finalizing the system’s features as well as suggested to the client the best fitting technologies.

The software displays content in the form of advertisements through remote screens in public such as restaurants, hotels or companies. Users can access various features: content management, screen management, and configuration of display settings.

The system supports a wide range of content:

Static, high resolution images


Dynamic widgets like Weather, Instagram

Our IT resources now offer ongoing infrastructure support to the client, while adding new features and handling troubleshooting.


Skills Involved:

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