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Sfera Frontier

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The App Verification Challenge Summarized

After getting an app ready to publish, there are some constraints that become barriers to finalize the process. One of which is policies on new applications from digital stores. Their documentation is lengthy and people might miss out on important requirements such as copyright issues. 

Eventually, the packages are put under thorough verification which may take up to months to complete due to uncertainties that emerge. 

The Vision Behind the App

Sfera Frontier visualized a lot of improvements that could be done in this process. Having a verifier before going to the final step would ensure the validity of digital products that were ready to be uploaded. It was important for this to be done much quicker and much more smoothly than in the current process.

Sfera Frontier joined forces with Scopic to develop a digitalized solution that would save time and make packages more reliable.


The Scopic Solution

Scopic designed a user-friendly web-based tool that helps app developers verify their packages before sending them to Apple Store, Google Play or Netflix. Through 2 user-friendly steps, users are able to create the online package and then click “Verify” to finalize the action. It also features a Chrome extension that enables an interface similar to desktop apps.


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