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SoundBridge Ritmix Drum Machine

Mix away to your heart’s symphony

The Challenge

A mixing console or simply an audio-mixer is used in sound recording for combining sounds of various audio signals.

Finding unified platforms where audios can be edited, transformed, and mixed can prove challenging. Most audio mixers are large applications that take up a vast amount of space on the user’s system.

The Vision

The founders of the SoundBridge Ritmix Drum Machine aimed to create a web application which would overcome musicians’ and audio mixers’ biggest challenges. They hoped to facilitate the creation process and envisioned a multi-functional audio mixing application that would include DSP, multi-threading, and real-time audio processing.

The Scopic Solution

The Scopic team created SoundBridge, which is a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) for musicians. We also developed a Drum Machine VST plugin for SoundBridge to combine an MPC Pad Section and a 16-step sequencer into one unit.
The RitMix plugin was built from scratch with real-time audio processing, multi-threading, DSP, and midi. The software also includes a robust mixing and mastering FX section with extensive parameters and essential editing features.

Skills Involved:

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