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Marketing services and software devlopment

The Challenge 

Along with global digitalization, the online marketing industry is becoming more and more saturated with intense competition. Even the most experienced marketers are facing difficulties with qualified lead generation, targeted campaigns, and customer engagement. Additionally, the development of the targeted campaigns has become extremely time-consuming with all the advanced settings, technologies, and tools that social media marketers have at their disposal.

The Vision

The mission of Spearphish was to simplify marketers’ social media budget management workflows in just a a few clicks. The idea was to create a simple-to-use social media ads management platform, allowing users to create and manage their ad campaigns, adjust CPCs, and getting data insights on 6 major platforms simultaneously. With Spearphish data hygiene tools, and built-in analytics, planning your budget and re-targeting options should become much easier.  

In the pursuit of their vision, Spearphish needed a trustworthy software development company with advanced marketing expertise. That’s how they found Scopic.  

vision of better marketing platform

The Scopic Solution

Scopic’s experienced cross-platform development team built a web application and a website that enables users to tap into Spearphish from any device. The platform is intentionally simple, quick to navigate, and easy to use.

Cloud implementation was a big part of the work we did to ensure the seamless functioning of this platform. Scopic made sure to successfully select and implement the right AWS solutions to support in building the user-friendly, cross-platform datamining toolkit they envisioned. To achieve this, we built the cloud infrastructure in AWS to cover different aspects like data storage, files, computing, emails, and logging, while ensuring efficiency.

By utilizing services like RDS for real-time data storage and S3 for file management, the platform achieves secure and scalable solutions without manual database management. EC2 instances were seamlessly integrated to optimize performance, monitor activities, and enhance infrastructure lifecycle management. Another essential service used in this application was Amazon Route53 for the DNS Management in this multi-tenant application. Additionally, our team employed AWS CloudFormation to define and provision the AWS infrastructure as code. The result is a streamlined cross-platform web application and website, providing users easy access to from any device.

Moreover, our SEO experts performed research on Spearphish’s main competitors and then worked on keyword mapping, URL structure, and content recommendations for the entire website, helping it achieve a higher ranking search engines.

solution to marketers problems.

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