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The Tracking Challenge Summarized

When working in the manufacturing industry, representatives may become overwhelmed with all the project management tasks and sales follow-ups. There are a lot of commissions to be tracked across multiple regions from reps. In addition, fair credits are to be acknowledged from the manufacturers such as:

  • Specification – Gaining trust from the customer
  • Origination – Educating the customer properly on the product
  • Destination – Being physically at the location and providing insight

This data may take hours to analyze making the whole process lack sufficient transparency.

The Vision Behind the App

Manufacturers’ Agents Association for the Foodservice Industry (MAFSI) is a 64-year-old, professional trade association of 270+ rep agencies, 220+ manufacturers and 2,400 members. They handle a portfolio of product lines by working under contractual arrangements. The company recognized that the value of the rep-manufacturer method of going to market also had a lot of potential for obtaining valuable information. Improving the way they collected the data was one of their needs in order to increase the reps’ knowledge of their territories.

They reached out to Scopic and furthered their ideas into an efficient and cost-effective solution.

SpecPath vision

The Scopic Solution

SpecPath is a web application created for the needs of MAFSI. The company’s professionals are now provided with the knowledge and visibility to clearly see the sum of their efforts. The platform is comprehensive, easy to use, and straightforward. The central library, curated by the staff, is secure and searchable by both representatives and manufacturers for only those items in which they have a stake. This is undoubtedly a useful tool for everyone in commercial service!

SpecPath solution

Skills Involved:

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