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The Outsourcing Challenge Summarized

Many companies struggle to find reliable, qualitative software developers. They need an IT expert for their projects and often don’t know how to find the right match of expertise and personality traits to meet their specific needs.

To find a solution, companies approach recruitment agencies, which in turn have high fees and don’t always provide them with enthusiasm, trust, and impeccable skills.

In addition, companies are faced with budget constraints and niche development challenges, making the hiring process quite tiresome and time-consuming.

The Vision Behind the Process

The work of our expert programmers is integral to the success of the qualitative products we build for our clients. Scopic has a wealth of resources available to join your team, both on-site or remotely. After developing custom solutions for over 14 years, we have built an extensive network of highly experienced and talented developers.

At Scopic, our talented team of developers from over 30 different countries and with diverse expertise, cover the various niche skills required for external projects. They are also available on-demand at a fraction of the cost of hiring through an agency.

In order to promote our diverse development services, we created an engaging landing page, available in multiple languages.

The Scopic Solution

The landing page we created showcases Scopic’s team augmentation services with value propositions, testimonials, and developer bios through search engine optimized copywriting to draw organic search traffic. Targeted at Dutch and German companies, the page is also available in local languages to maximize reach and accessibility.

This team augmentation landing page has a user-friendly interface that highlights all the most integral information about Scopic’s high-quality development services. The page includes the following sections:

Schedule a consultation
Why hire a programmer with Scopic
What to expect
The Scopic Solution
Our services
Contact form
Our developers
And more!

Skills Involved:

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