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The Server Management Challenge 

Setting up and maintaining servers for enterprises has always been a complex process. No matter the server architecture, it becomes overwhelming to:

  • Calculate cost summaries of servers with respect to each model, operating system and storage
  • Check whether the spending limit has been reached
  • Keep track of each server information
  • Keep track of live costs of servers from the creation up to the current time

The Vision Behind the App

Founded in 2006, US-based Scopic Software is a leading authority in quality, affordable custom solutions for web, mobile, and desktop. We aim at developing dynamic solutions that leverage the latest technologies and at maintaining successful partnerships with our clients. To reinforce our mission, Scopic aimed at handling server management issues by taking the matter in our own hands. This would help practice constructive work culture with employees and, at the same time, avoid all inefficiencies that organizing servers separately bring. We aimed at getting information in real-time which would increase productivity as the number of servers increased and cut costs.

The Scopic Solution

We developed DSSP as an internal tool that allows Scopic teams to create and manage project servers independently. With this application, Scopic developers can set the server specifications they need to build fast and effective software. In addition, management can quickly review data related to project servers. This tool significantly cuts down on staff time spent configuring servers and analyzing related expenses.

Recently, our backend experts applied a new Scopic infrastructure that allows us to share server resources and reduce the overall cost of our infrastructure. Future versions of the Developer Self Support Page will reveal the infrastructure details and will add support for custom container deployments.

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