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The Private List

The website that’s powering luxury real estate connections

Connect with the most accomplished players across the luxury real estate industry.

The Real Estate Challenge Summarized

The process of buying and selling houses remains challenging even with hundreds or thousands of real estate agents available to facilitate the process. Depending on local markets, people can be offered several different options when buying a house, sometimes without much success.

Making such considerable investments can be time-consuming, stressful and costly. On the other hand, for sellers, the goal of selling as fast as possible often comes at a price.

Bottom line is that choosing the proper realtor, in the right niche, ensures the satisfaction of both parties.

The Vision Behind the App

The Private List is a company completely focused on luxury real estate. They foster networking and brainstorming through intimate events in order to build up an agent network that helps evaluate properties prior to sale or acquisition, and facilitate connections to the best service providers in the area (stagers, organizers, contractors, interior designers). They aim at helping their clients manage the entire process. This goal could only be achieved through a platform where clients looking for this niche real estate service could find experts in the field.

Consequently, the Private List, from its conception was thought out to be a connecting platform. In order to do so, the company needed to enhance its website to better reflect its purpose of facilitating communication between sellers and their clients.

The Scopic Solution

This web application was designed to bring together the best real estate agents and individuals looking to buy or sell luxury properties in a single, private database. As such, our team of expert web developers soon took to adding the functionality required and improving the user experience of the site.

Some of the new features include a plugin to restrict access to members and a new membership level to the web application. Our team is currently working on a mobile version using Flutter as well.

Skills Involved:

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