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The Data Handling Challenge Summarized

Individuals, institutions, and companies repeatedly encounter the problem of how to display, keep track, and analyze data for a specific purpose. And often, market solutions are not always enough. The available options may be expensive, require an annual subscription, or may not be adapted to the company’s specific requests. In such cases, it’s best to employ a customized solution.

The Vision Behind the Website

The University of Washington has created a research center dedicated to treating addictions. The center’s mission is to advance research, policy, and practice in order to improve the lives of individuals and communities affected by addiction. Their multidisciplinary staff of health experts works to further understand and prevent the harm caused by addictive substances and behavior. Their data collection and visualization is essential in achieving that.
With this idea in mind, they contacted Scopic to work on a customized website that would be secure and reliable.

The Scopic Solution

Scopic worked together with the UW Research Center and developed a web application. It was built for a small number of patients who were participating in treatment in the UW’s clinic. The website allows to track patients’ log in, complete symptom rating questionnaires, and review summary reports with line graphs that show their symptom ratings data over time. The website has password-protected logins, ensuring HIPAA compliance, and also allows viewing of patient-centered questionnaire data as graphical data visualizations to help assess patients better.

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