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Victoria Linen Company Website

Specializing in bespoke sizes and luxury bedding

Made to fit any size of the bed.

The E-commerce Challenge Summarized

Successful companies take great pride in their products. They focus on sales and marketing to ensure new potential customers take notice. Digital presence is becoming increasingly important in this regard, as more people shop and spend time online. Companies that are not focused on promoting their products on the Internet, risk losing relevance in the market. Having a professional website developed by experts is an essential prerequisite for establishing your brand and reaching more customers in the digital realm.

The Vision Behind the Website

Victoria Linen, first established in 1995, is a bedding/curtain manufacturer and retailer in Lancashire, United Kingdom. Since the beginning, the company worked at expanding its product range, from bedding for adjustable beds to an impressive assortment of bespoke luxury linens. With the aim of increasing its online presence to reach more local and international customers, Victoria Linen contacted Scopic to further their ideas.

The Scopic Solution

Scopic and Victoria Linen worked together and launched a website application. The e-commerce offers rich features such as:

Displays a wide variety of bedding and curtains

Allows customers to compare product prices

Creates wish lists

Its detailed content ensures the customization process is clear for all users. It also highlights the company’s pride in having all their products manufactured in-house at their Lancashire base.

Skills Involved:

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