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Visio Rx

Promoting a team of specialists on an eyewear mission

High quality products at unbelievable prices.

The Optical Glasses Challenge Summarized

Optical glasses are essential for many people. And often, the only high-quality options that are offered, not just the ones with designer frames, come at very high prices. These types of glasses could be classified as both luxurious in terms of their price, and necessary in terms of their function. After browsing online for a pair of back up glasses, you will soon realize that most online optical shops follow the same price pattern. Eventually, customers have to sacrifice quality and service just to get a low price, or they break the bank in order to get a complete product.

The Vision Behind the App

The company’s story begins in 2008 when a pair of glasses purchased from a large, “price-fighting,” nationwide retailer that cost an outrageous $517 inspired the idea of Visio Rx. The founder knew that there had to be a better, more affordable way to get glasses. His vision was to change the world of purchasing glasses online. The company’s frames and lenses were of outstanding quality, and they took the utmost pride in delivering high quality products at unbelievable prices.
Eventually, they needed to build and curate their online presence. So Visio Rx reached out to Scopic to fulfill their mission.

The Scopic Solution

Visio Rx is a virtual mirror app that allows users to choose glasses online. All you need to do is take a photo from the Web camera, choose and try on glasses from a large variety available on the website. The app will automatically detect face shape and show the chosen glasses on the user’s photo. With Visio Rx, you can find your perfect frame by applying filters such as gender, glasses shape, and style. Some of the website’s winning trademarks include:

Easy to navigate website with an international presence

Pre-adjustment for the perfect fitting glasses

Virtual Mirror which dually functions as a PD meter

Hundreds of articles and videos for even the most curious customers

Facebook Voting module

Huge selection of quality frames

Skills Involved:

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