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online app

Your App Everywhere with Ionic

Over the last couple of years, Ionic has established itself as a leader in the cross-platform mobile app development space. They keep their framework up-to-date by adapting to the latest trends and staying ahead of their competitors. What is Ionic Framework? Ionic is an open-source SDK (software development kit) for hybrid mobile app development. Built […]

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firefox flash

ALERT: Firefox and Flash are Breaking Up

We all knew it was happening. But this is the last nail in the coffin. Firefox 55, the newest version of Mozilla Firefox, will now be set to “Ask to Activate” for all Adobe Flash plugins. What does this mean? Basically, Flash is the only NPAPI plugin that is not currently blocked by Firefox and […]

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flash is gone

Gone in a Flash: The death of a technology

Once upon a time, Flash brought the internet vibrant video, audio and 3D images faster than we thought possible. But now, there is a new sheriff in town and that sheriff’s name is HTML5. How can it be that our beloved Flash will soon join the likes of the floppy disk and dial up internet […]

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custom development

Custom vs. Generic Solutions: Pros & Cons

In the world we live in today, we want everything to be customized, whether it be our daily Starbucks order or our Facebook newsfeed. So, why should our software be any different? Software solutions are relied on heavily by businesses across the world for just about every business function. Often times, software solutions can be […]

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All Devices Welcome

Your phone, your tablet, your laptop. Most likely, you are reading this very article from one of your trusty devices. No matter where we are, we are always connected to a device. We use them for everything from working out, to photography, to watching our favorite series, or listening to our favorite songs. Our devices […]

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