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Scopic Software Partners with Twilio to Build Cutting-edge Communication Solutions

by | February 15, 2019

Scopic Software, one of the largest virtual companies which offers custom web, mobile, and desktop development services, announced that it has partnered with Twilio to help its customers build smart tailor-made communication solutions for their business needs.

By enabling customers to use voice, text or video in their solutions, Scopic Software provides them with a significant competitive advantage.

Scopic’s cutting-edge custom software solutions combined with Twilio’s cloud communication platform hold a great advantage over ready-to-use options – they are designed to fit the specific needs of each client. Additionally, they allow clients to use their own source code, providing extra security for all their communication.

“More and more, communications play an integral role in the digital transformation strategies that companies need to stay competitive. With Twilio’s unique API-first cloud communications platform, it is simple for Scopic’s developers to build innovative and robust applications for our customers, incorporating channels such as voice, text, chat, and video.

This partnership is key for Scopic, as Twilio technologies are enabling a reinvention of the way our customers will engage with their own clients, leading to new opportunities and accelerated growth. We look forward to building out our Twilio practice and continuing to help our customers innovate to reach their objectives,” said Astrid Moerbeek, Twilio Partnership Manager at Scopic Software.

“Historically, companies have been challenged by SaaS models that are difficult to customize and on-premises models that are costly and slow to deploy,” said Chetan Chaudhary, global VP of partners at Twilio. “Twilio’s platform empowers consulting partners to build custom, scalable communications solutions for their customers without limits, allowing them to see value from their implementations faster than ever before. The Twilio platform is tailor-made for companies like Scopic Software that are defining the future, supported by our partner program Build that includes all they need to transform their business.”

As a certified Gold Level Twilio service provider, Scopic Software has carried out the development of the following bespoke business communication applications:

  • Kreo
    A secure fully customizable communication platform for group messaging and calling which enables employees to communicate in a reliable and efficient way.
  • InterviewFocus
    A cloud-based web application for coaching and tutoring utilizing speech recognition, video processing, and live media streaming technologies.
  • Operations Texting App
    A mobile application that enables management to reach employees when immediate communication is needed.

Scopic continues to leverage Twilio’s technology by integratng our scalable, cross platform mobile app development services that use voice, group messaging, video, screen sharing and more for professional use.

Scopic Software also provides customers with the consulting expertise that makes it possible for any customer to innovate with Twilio regardless of region, industry, business model or development resources. Being a Twilio Build’s partner, Scopic has access to:

  • Certification Program – Digital training and certification program empowered Scopic Software to become a Twilio expert. Which enables Scopic to deliver top-notch Twilio solutions to its customers.
  • Partner-specific business models – As a Twilio Build’s partner Scopic Software benefits from lead sharing, co-selling and reselling which enables introduces us to new revenue streams.
  • Twilio Build Marketplace – A digital showcase gives Scopic Software the opportunity to present offerings to Twilio’s more than 50,000 existing customers and an unlimited number of potential new customers who can now innovate with Twilio through Twilio Build.
  • Technology Early Access Program – Early access to Twilio’s product roadmap provides Scopic Software with the opportunity to be the first certified providers of Twilio’s contact center application platform, Flex, as well as future innovations from Twilio.

To learn more about Scopic Software expertise as a Gold Level Twilio Partner, please visit our dedicated page.

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