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The Workout Challenge Summarized

Everyone wants to be fit and healthy, but not all find the motivation every day to go to the gym or pull weights in their living room. The one thing that helps is working out with friends – when one is feeling demotivated, the rest can cheer them up and inspire them to continue the workout.

But as is often the case, you and your friends may not always live in the same neighborhood, the same city, or even the same country. So working out together is not possible. Or is it?

The Vision Behind the App

Fit Together came to life on a mission to allow groups of friends to sync workout DVDs and exercise together in real time anywhere in the world. The founder wanted to create the first social fitness application that would give users the opportunity to interact via onscreen chat and text while simultaneously viewing the same workout DVD. So he partnered with Scopic, a fitness software development and desktop application development company, to bring his idea to life and give people the motivation they needed to commit to a workout routine. 

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The Scopic Solution

With Scopic’s desktop application development services, Fit Together was created for users who wanted to workout with their friends in real time, and interact during training sessions. When working on this innovative desktop application our activities involved:

Desktop Application Development

Cross Platform Development

Responsive Design

Our coders used technologies such as C++, MySQL, Adobe AIR, and Flex, among others, to create Fit Together. Now, users can enjoy a workout session with their friends from anywhere around the world.

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Skills Involved:

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