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Gorilla Workout

The fitness app that motivates consistent workout

 Lose weight. Build muscle. Gain energy.

The Challenge

Living a healthy lifestyle involves all sorts of activities, such as working out, that brings balance to our physical and mental states. However, even though people are aware of most of the benefits, a lot of us find it hard to practice such habits consistently.

In fitness, developing healthy habits can be hard, and often requires a change of mindset. Regular exercises can positively impact our lives in many ways. However, people don’t always prioritize working out, because their hectic routines and important tasks of the day tend to get in the way. Many of us lack the needed motivation when results aren’t quickly visible and as a result, we give up easily and make excuses.

The Vision Behind the App

The main focus of the Gorilla Workout Team has always been to implement strategies that motivate people to live healthier lives. They wanted to create a custom fitness app that would endorse a world that embraces the importance of working out. Keen to connect and inspire a wide range of people, the founders wanted to create customized routines that would be specific to each person’s body shape, fitness level and goals. 

Putting health above everything else is essential to a balanced life. Gorilla Workout aims to encourage people to feel like their best self – from head to toe.

They fervently believed their endeavors wouldn’t go to waste, so they approached Scopic to turn their vision into action.

The Scopic Solution

Scopic undertook the custom fitness app development, design, and an end-to-end marketing strategy for Gorilla Workout. The app was awarded Apple’s iPad Health & Fitness App of the Year for 2011, and has been a leading fitness app ever since. This daily bodyweight exercise app features hundreds of easy-to-follow workouts with video demonstrations by expert trainers. Built with native programming to optimize performance, this cross platform mobile app works seamlessly on iPad, iWatch, and iOS devices, as well as Android tablets and phones.

Over a multiyear partnership, Scopic’s team has led Gorilla Workout through many successful updates. In a December 2017 release, we redesigned the user interface to optimize usability and rewrote the app store descriptions. This successfully improved the app’s rankings for popular daily workout keywords on Google Play and the Apple Store. Scopic’s marketing team researched, wrote, designed, and developed the Gorilla Workout website, and we continue to enhance user engagement through all social media platforms.

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