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Storm Chasers

The interactive weather app that showcases simultaneous live streams

Connecting People.

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The Weather Informing Challenge 

There are numerous weather apps that inform on the current state of the atmosphere. However, they often lack powerful differentiating features. They are limited in their specific information regarding variables such as:

  • Temperature
  • Moisture
  • Wind velocity
  • Barometric pressure

In addition, they are often not updated in real-time, failing to warn adverse or destructive weather conditions.

The Vision Behind the App

Storm Chasers aimed to provide a solution for all the people that love watching mother nature in action or just like to stay informed when severe weather is near. The company aimed to allow users to chase tornadoes from the comfort of their couch. Their vision was to become the largest storm chasing team around with 100s of members. This could help in achieving their goal of building an interactive livestream solution.

The company was familiar with our experience on the matter, and entrusted us to fulfill that vision.

StormChasers vision

The Scopic Solution

Storm Chasers is a mobile application that allows users to post and show storms on Zoom Radar maps. The application connects people who want to stay informed about weather conditions, as users can chase storms and see video streams from stormy areas in real time. Building the application from the ground up allowed Scopic’s team to develop this mobile app – which was originally a web app – with technologies such as “hybrid” Ionic framework, Quickblox (for instant messaging), AdMob (for Ads), Google Maps, and Cordova. After the release, Scopic worked on making continuous improvements to the application.

StormChasers solution

Skills Involved:

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