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Zoom Station

Providing live weather content through the interactive radar

High resolution and fast updating available.

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The Weather Data Challenge Summarized

Having information on what the weather will be like helps us complete daily tasks. It helps in deciding where to go and what to wear for upcoming trips as well as spur-of-the-moment hikes or walks. Weather apps available on the market may lack features you are looking for or provide static, limited data.

The Vision Behind the App

ZoomRadar company acknowledged this as a challenge that could be overcome. They aimed at creating a tool that would help both regular users and developers. By facilitating this data attainment in regards to quick weather changes, it would also represent a way to prevent real damages from happening in severe conditions. The solution would require experience in the weather industry and geodata, so ZoomRadar contacted Scopic to further their ideas.

ZoomRadar vision

The Scopic Solution

ZoomRadar is an interactive weather application based on google-maps and OpenStreetMaps. It displays live weather radar using NOAA high-resolution images. It allows the radar to display the weather change within the last two hours. It also features other weather services like severe warnings, temperatures, winds, storm tracks, storm reports, storm chasers and so on. There is an interactive weather builder for clients to generate maps with their coordinates and parameters. Its robust features include:

Storm tracks with time of arrival

High Resolution Images

Responsive design and viewable full screen on any device

Live storm chasing videos from SevereStudios Storm Chasers

Storm reports of severe weather like tornadoes, hail, wind, flood & snow

Weather data from NOAA radar

ZoomRadar solution

Skills Involved:

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