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The responsive web app that chases storms in real-time

Highest Accuracy.

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The Storm Chasing Challenge Summarized

A storm chaser’s purpose is to observe storms for enjoyment. Chasers are out there to witness, experience, and capture photos and videos of storms. In addition, they are also essential in the warning process. Detecting and confirming a tornado in real-time can play a deciding factor in its outcomes. However, for the development of such a solution, advanced applications like higher-resolution dual-pol radar technology are needed. This requires specific experience, knowledge and expertise on the matter, which is often costly and difficult to rely on.

The Vision Behind the App

Zoom Radar aimed to provide an accurate way for users to get warned in time. They believed they could become a part of the pursuit of any severe weather condition. The company’s vision consisted in correctly forecasting and intercepting tornadoes, hurricanes, and thunderstorms.
They reached out to Scopic and started working on a solution.

StormChasing vision

The Scopic Solution

Scopic worked together with Zoom Radar and built the Storm Chasing web application. The app showcases a map and an integrated live weather radar. Its optimal vantage points allow users to track and view live storm chasing videos. In addition, the storm is updated in real-time, achieving the proper accuracy on the chasing process.

StormChasing solution

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