Convert Flash to HTML5 Landing Page

Marketing the Newest Alternative to Flash

Promoting the benefits of transitioning web apps from Flash to HTML5.

The Challenge

HTML5 is rapidly replacing Flash as the predominant media player on the web. Whether it’s converting Flash media or transferring a Flex or Actionscript app to HTML5, this solution is becoming widely used.

With the announced end of life for Flash and its restriction on Chrome and Firefox, companies are now faced with having to convert their content to HTML5. And with that challenge comes finding the right provider to help them make this transition in a way that won’t affect their users.

The Vision Behind The Page

Through Scopic’s flash to HTML5 conversion services, companies are able to safely and effectively upgrade their pre-existing websites to HTML5. By doing this, their websites become more efficient, safer and quicker for customers.

Once our team had mastered the art of converting Flash websites and applications to HTML5, we knew that we had to properly market these services. To make them known to as many companies still using Flash, we decided to create a landing page that would adequately communicate the benefits of the skills we offered.

The Scopic Solution

Our team of marketers took to creating the “Convert Flash to HTML5” landing page. The goal? Show readers and potential customers, how we can optimize their software with our development assistance. It highlights the results of successful conversions our team has facilitated: by switching to HTML5 technology, applications perform better and gain improved functionality for users.

Built with Instapage, the landing page clearly and effectively outlines the benefits of converting Flash to HTML5. The content for the landing page was created based on specific search engine optimization parameters which have helped us achieve a steady conversion rate.

Skills Involved:

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