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The Challenge Summarized

The fitness software application industry is booming. Many fitness enthusiasts are on the lookout for fitness inspiration as well as healthy ways to achieve their lifestyle goals. However, there are a lot of applications to choose from and it can be hard for entrepreneurs and growing companies to stand out from the crowd in such a competitive market. Even the best companies are not always heard by their target audience. With so much to focus on, it can be challenging to know quite where to begin when thinking of developing an innovative application.

The Vision

At Scopic we work with many health and fitness companies with bright ideas and innovative creations in mind. The marketing team at Scopic wanted to showcase our capabilities as a health and fitness app development company. We also hoped to demonstrate to our clients in the wellness industry the sheer power that building and using influential landing pages can have on their own marketing strategies to attract and convert more leads once their product has been built.

The Scopic Solution

To demonstrate our diverse capabilities, the Scopic designers, SEO experts and copywriters created this landing page to showcase our experience working in the fitness software development industry.

Whether you have a meal planning and nutrition idea or a fitness social network application in mind, this landing page captures the attention of anyone with an exciting fitness-related idea. Using Instapage we crafted search-engine optimized content to highlight our biggest success stories and inspire many other ones. This landing page benefits from clean and minimalist design while staying true to the UI of the website, thus, staying in keeping with our brand.  

Skills Involved:

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