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The SEO Challenge Summarized

 Many businesses struggle nowadays to keep their sales afloat in an ever-changing online environment where competition is getting more fierce. A great website design and quality of services or products are no longer sufficient when it comes to winning online customers.

If potential clients are googling something related to your company, local SEO is needed to convert searches into sales. There seems to be a lack of knowledge of such optimization of the website which enables the ranking in the “Google Local Listings Map Pack”.

Gaining such knowledge requires time, cost and often resources that are hard to rely on. Related information can be challenging to grasp due to its overwhelming terminology and vast volume.

The Vision

Scopic aimed at providing a solution for companies looking to:

  • Be visible to people looking for their product or service
  • Enhance overall web presence and authority in the eyes of the searcher
  • Increase traffic from people who have more intent on buying since they are, literally, located just nearby their brick-and-mortar business.

We’re a professional SEO services company with a team of experts. This led us to build an optimized landing page with information directly related to the importance of this strategy. 

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The Scopic Solution

Based on the WordPress platform, Scopic’s team has created a landing page dedicated to these businesses located mostly in the Boston, MA area. This page showcases the capabilities of the Scopic’s SEO team, and how they can help online websites rank higher in organic search in Google, as well as become an authority in their domain online. It also informs on the needed steps to get websites listed in the “Local Pack”, focusing on practices such as:

Set up Google My Business

Keyword Research for Local SEO

Local and Long-tail Keyword Focus

Content and On-page Optimization

Add a Code

Listing your business in online directories

Preview our SEO Landing page and get in touch with us to find out more.

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