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What Is It Like to Work Remotely

What Is It Like to Work Remotely? 11 Truths From Full-time Remote Employees

Wouldn’t it be amazing to work from anywhere you’d like, to have the freedom of being the boss of your own schedule? Approximately 15 years ago, this was just a dream for many. And not only for employees. Employers wouldn’t imagine a day when they would have productive teams and access to global talent and […]

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Business uses of OCR

The Top 5 Business Uses of OCR to Help Improve User Experience

Have you ever thought about the number of archived boxes and paper-based documents that companies keep over the years? How many times have you desired to get an editable file instead of the traditional piece of paper you can’t work with? Let’s imagine you have a magazine article or a simply PDF and want to […]

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SEO trends for 2020_Featured Image

SEO Strategy 2020: 6 SEO Trends You Should Follow

SEO has become of increasing importance for individuals and companies who promote their platforms or products via digital marketing. The most fundamental reason for this is that most user-driven traffic comes from search engines. Without SEO, websites would be left to place an overwhelming amount of emphasis on paid leads and other forms of promotion […]

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The Best Advice You Find-on-Creating-a-Mobile App From Scratch

The Best 6 Pieces of Advice You’ll Find on Creating a Mobile App From Scratch

Oversupply of software… Who would’ve thought we would ever get there? Yet, 2020 is here and that’s our current reality. The most recent reports show that there were already over 2.9 million apps in the Google Play store by December 2019 and 1.8 million in the App Store by January 2020. However, most of us use only 9 apps […]

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4 Reasons Why Web Apps Fail and What You Can Do to Lead Your Idea Towards Success

We’ve come a long way since the static HTML pages that used to dominate the internet in the early 90s. And just as web apps have become more sophisticated and interactive over time, so have the dreams of many entrepreneurs and business owners. As of January 2020, there were 4,437,215,927 internet users spanning the globe. […]

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Scoic Teamwork Integrations

How Scopic Tackles Common Project Management Problems with Teamwork Integrations

Scopic is presently one of the largest distributed teams in the world, with over 280 employees around the globe in 40+ countries. So, it’s only logical that we needed a tool to integrate all the platforms we rely on to help our highly-distributed team stay organized and communicate seamlessly. After wrestling with countless management systems, […]

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How to build a killer website

How to Rock Your Online Presence – Top Tips for Building a Great Website

Your website is the face of your brand – your window into the world of the web. If executed right, it can become the bridge of communication between you and your customers as well as one of the most effective ways to establish your online presence. By building your own website from scratch and tapping […]

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