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Case Study

How a Web Portal Became a Property Insurance Provider’s Main Tool for Hiring and Task Management

The Client

Compass Adjusting Services, Inc. is an American insurance adjusting firm that specializes in handling all types of property insurance claims. As part of their core value proposition, they also serve as a liaison in finding skilled temporary claims professionals for the Property and Casualty Insurance industry. In an effort to improve its already high-quality recruitment service, the company wanted to create a web portal development software from scratch.

The goal was to design a tool that streamlined their clients’ search during the recruiting processes and to invite adjusters to apply to specific events. It also makes it possible for candidates to seamlessly sign up to the portal to apply for property insurance claims adjuster jobs. This portal simplifies everything from adjuster search to deployment.

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Scopic_Property Insurance_Product Description 2

The Project

The Compass Adjusting Services team reached out to Scopic for a customized web development plan. Together, they produced the Property Insurance Contractor Management Portal. This web portal makes the daily company activities smoother for not only themselves but also for their contractors. This new double-channel portal has unique logins and features for both the Admin and Adjuster profiles. There are currently around 20 admins that manage the portal, standby lists, and notifications.

The property insurance claims adjuster portal, on the other hand, houses adjuster profile information like resumes, licenses, certifications, and finance files. On this side of the portal, an admin can easily filter to find with whom they want to work based on skills, experience, and distance from the position. The admin can then utilize the messaging features to reach out to potential hires, keep track of feedback, and monitor unread messages for specific channels and recipients. Messaging is also used for active adjuster deployment and to announce new adjuster courses and trainings.

The portal map feature allows the admin to invite and deploy property insurance adjusters based on their proximity to standby list events. The standby lists help the admin define the details of the adjuster’s profile they are deploying for and to notify adjusters about specific trainings and required certifications or licenses. Admin users can also upload financial information for adjusters and notify them via email to keep track of their upcoming payments. It is a one-stop shop for managing all aspects of managing insurance adjusters.

Property Insurance project

The Challenges

The company wanted to create a new website and portal from scratch. Scopic had the challenge of implementing all the features Compass Adjusting Services team needed without going over budget. Scopic had to pinpoint a unique approach to serving all of the client’s needs while keeping costs at the forefront of the conversation.

“We needed a way to manage, store, and organize data on a large amount of subcontractors we use as part of our business. Scopic built us a system that can do all we needed and more.”

– Brian Whitten, Compass Adjusting Services Operations Manager

The Approach

The Scopic team executed the web portal development steps one by one in line with the defined budget. They began by first developing the messaging capabilities between adjusters and the admin using the Twilio API. They then moved on to creating the call forwarding function also using the Twilio API and the email communication via Office 365 APIs. Finally, they developed portal registration and login via social accounts using Google and Facebook API. Once all of these website features were complete, the company decided to continue to work with Scopic to develop even more portal capabilities. The next goal was to optimize the portal’s map features to help admins easily filter adjusters and contractors by location. The Scopic developers implemented the routes drawing and driving distance calculations with Google API requests and used Leaflet to make the map interactive.

The Solution

Today, Scopic still partners with Compass Adjusting Services to continually enhance the application features. Additional requests and improvements for the application are part of this ongoing collaboration.

Technology Stack

The Outcome

This application serves both property insurance claims adjusters and the web portal administrators alike. It makes communication smoother, financial transactions more transparent, location of potential work more visual, and the overall processing of claims easier and hassle-free. By building the portal piece by piece, Scopic was able to complete all of the desired features and more.

“Scopic’s team has been intuitive, agile, and helpful throughout the entire process.”

– Brian Whitten, Compass Adjusting Services Operations Manager

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