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Case Study

How Tailored Digital Marketing Advanced SketchList 3D’s Usership

Product Description

SketchList 3D is a cross-platform desktop modeling application designed for professional woodworkers and hobbyists. With intuitive 3D visualizations, SketchList 3D allows users to build photorealistic furniture models in minutes. 

Modeling with SketchList 3D is exponentially faster, easier, and more afforable than industry alternatives.


The Challenges

After 7+ years on the market, SketchList 3D had a small but dedicated userbase. Though the app was unaminously well received by existing users, the company struggled to attract new users in the quanitites necessary to scale the business. Considerable time and effort invested in various digital marketing initiatives failed to yield equivalent results.

Founder and CEO Dave Rozewski wanted to enhance SketchList 3D’s digital brand image, increase software downloads, and create a sense of community among SketchList users. He also wanted to better understand his customer base to target messaging more effectively. SketchList 3D had a limited marketing budget and needed to be sure that every penny would be put to efficient use.

The Solution

Scopic’s marketing team conducted an audit of SketchList 3D’s web presence, researched industry competitors, and analyzed the app’s user demographics. Based on this information, they recommended a customized marketing plan. CEO Rozewski selected initiatives from this plan in order of priority, allowing him to scale SketchList 3D’s marketing efforts gradually and focus on activities with the highest returns.

Based on SEO research and best practices, SketchList’s Scopic marketing team wrote, designed, and developed multiple landing pages targeting key market segments. In addition to the organic traffic drawn through SEO, they also created Google and social media ads to drive traffic with high conversion potential to these pages.

With constant metrics and analytics, our social media optimization company continues to monitor and optimize SketchList’s website and social media pages. They also provide insight into marketing best practices, suggest fruitful partnership opportunities, and advise on customer engagement efforts.

“They have the tools necessary to communicate and manage a multi-person project team; they work well with one another; and they are very transparent with me. Truly professional.”

– Dave Rozewski, Founder and CEO, SketchList 3D

Technology Stack

The Outcome

Over the last decade, Scopic has partnered with SketchList 3D to develop and maintain an industry-leading modeling app. In the first month of marketing, visits to the SketchList website increased by 20% and app downloads increased by 50%. Due to customer outreach and regular software upgrades, these numbers continue to rise, along with value per sale and customer satisfaction.

“They have provided [SketchList 3D] technical support and product development for nearly a decade… I continue to use them because they deliver high-quality results, are committed to my success, and have the resources necessary to take on a wide range of work.”

– Dave Rozewski, Founder and CEO, SketchList 3D

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