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How Working With a Remote Company Grew OrthoSelect’s Business

by | March 10, 2020

Case Study

How Working With a Remote Company Saved OrthoSelect’s Business

Product Description

OrthoSelect is a dental 3d modeling software used by orthodontists and dentists to create fast and affordable 3D models of patients’ teeth. Prior to OrthoSelect, orthodontists were limited to educated estimations when applying braces, often leading to painful future adjustments. Used in treatment planning, the OrthoSelect software calculates exactly where brackets and braces align on patients’ teeth.

Resulting in less time in the chair, less time waiting, and perfect alignment from the first visit, this app improves patient experiences and makes it easier for orthodonists to provide quality care.

The Challenges

CEO Steve Gardner and his team started developing OrthoSelect with a local software company, but after considerable investment, the results were unsatisfactory. Steve envisioned an application that not only facilitated extremely precise bracket placements based on 3D algorithms and collision techniques, but also offered a host of auxiliary tools to improve patient experience.

Though their concept was innovative in its approach and full of potential, OrthoSelect had fierce competition with more established orthodontic software products. The high costs of developing such an advanced app further jeopardized their situation and almost destroyed their business.

Unsatisfied with the initial version, Gardner and his team hired freelancers to complete the app. Unfortunately, working with freelance developers proved unreliable and costly. After considerable frustration and expense, Steve was on the lookout for a quality software partner that could bring the app to its full potential without exhausting their budget.

“We’re self-funded, and a big chunk of income was going towards outsourcing software development. I almost jumped ship because things weren’t looking great.”

Steve Gardner, OrthoSelect Founder

The Solution

Luckily, Steve found Scopic Software, a company that understood both his project’s potential and the dental software industry.

Within weeks, he was working with a dedicated team of experienced, professional developers. Not only did they manage to develop a compelling software product that outshined his competitors, they did it at a fraction of the cost of other providers. Scopic’s team also brought new ideas to the table, proposing feature enhancements like bracket adjustment, super imposition, and results simulations, which helped OrthoSelect to differentiate and grow.

“Before we started working with Scopic, our product didn’t compare to our competition. Now, we are comparable, if not better, than the competition. With Scopic, I know we will soon surpass our competition’s capabilities.”

Technology Stack

The Outcome

Today, OrthoSelect handles 10,000+ cases monthly for over a thousand orthodontists across the US, Canada, and the globe. All of this, Steve says, wouldn’t be possible without Scopic’s help. As OrthoSelect continues to enhance their features and expand their user base around the world, they remain dedicated to collaborating with Scopic Software.

“I chose Scopic for a few reasons: all the reviews were positive, the quality of work was impressive, the company is US-based, and the price was incredible.”

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